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with a rich

thoughtfully refurbished and remodeled
a rich past preserved, equipped for new memories...

Jeffers Hill Farm can trace its roots to the 1840s when Stephen Jeffers began farming on what is now Jeffers Hill Road. The now owner, Weston Jeffers Wellington, has a long history with Jeffers Hill Farm. His grandfather, Weston Jeffers, was born in the white farmhouse in 1895., As a child, Weston's mother, Ruth, watched from her dooryard on summer evenings as long milk trains rumbled through the valley below. As a youngster, he recalls watching local dairy farmers trundle their milk cans in pickup trucks to Blake’s Creamery in nearby East Haverhill, and he worked as a farmhand for several summers in the 1960s when the Grimes family owned the property. 
The 1950 Farmall H tractor (pictured) is the one he drove to rake newly-mowed hay into windrows for baling. Although times have changed and most of the milk cans have rusted away, the railroad tracks across Jeffers Hill Road were torn up in the early 1950s and almost all the nearby dairy farms have disappeared, Jeffers Hill Farm still clings to its agricultural roots today. The Farm provides acreage to raise hay and feed corn, and grazing land for a handful of goats and Scotch Highland cattle.

Weston Jeffers Wellington restored the barn in 2012 and today it serves as a charming and rustic venue location. There are two farmhouses on property available for rent to for guests to get the full New England farmhouse experience complete with charming antique and vintage furniture.

In 2022, a new partnership with a local wedding planning business, Sparks and Spoons Events, sparked further renovations. Ten years after restoring the original barn, it now serves as an authentic New England wedding barn inviting guests to be immersed in the history while celebrating new beginnings.


"I purchased the 450-acre property from the farmer’s widow in 2012. The barn - with cracked foundations and sagging timbers - underwent a multi-year restoration by gifted craftsmen, saving it from eventual collapse. The 1850s farmhouse was thoughtfully refurbished and updated as well. Now sturdier than ever, the barn proudly serves as an appealing venue for those seeking an unusually private and special place for their event. As tracts of farmland throughout New England undergo subdivision for housing or commercial use, my hope is to keep Jeffers Hill Farm and its magnificent surroundings intact for future generations and provide a tangible link to the region’s rich agricultural past."

Weston Jeffers Wellington, Farm Owner

a NH Barn Venue

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